The seemingly effortless flight motions of animals and plants not only amaze people, but they have inspired us to develop aircrafts, which we now use to transport ourselves through the sky. The astonishing effective and energy efficient wing movements of animals and plants still inspires aircraft engineers to construct energy efficient aircraft designs, which are becoming increasingly closer to nature. But a great loss remains: the daily graceful movements of everything surrounding us escape us completely, because they are too fast for our human eyes.

We would like you to take a high-speed camera outside to record amazing footage, at amateur or professional level! During the recordings in the field, the flying nature will serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and film designs. By considerably slowing down the time, we can enjoy the beautiful movements of everyday artists flying around us, from butterfly to sparrow, from bat to helicopter seed. These movies will be freely available on the internet and may be used for lectures, scientific research and everything in between! In this project everyone can participate in our research and discover with us new facts about the techniques of everyday flying artists.

Are you curious? Watch the high-speed video below, for an impression of the possibilities of an amateur high-speed camera (600 frames per second).

Would you like to work with this camera? Do you know beautiful places with good lighting, where birds fly? Or do you have a pond where dragonflies hunt along banks? Do you know a big butterfly bush? Or do you have even better ideas? Join our project! (Dutch)